A celebration of Lammas – Cattam drive-in

Bubble car bread

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Waldron may never be the same again. On Sunday 9 August when The Cattam should have displayed a hundred vintage vehicles, instead of the Rotary Club Waldron Family Fun Day – cancelled  because of the Covid-19 coronavirus – – over thirty stalwart parishioners parked on the Recreation ground between the cricket and rugby  pitches and celebrated Lammas from the comfort of their cars. Lammas – derived from the Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mas or “loaf-mass”-  marks the year’s first harvest festival.

Conceived by Sarah Mackenzie – whose husband Graeme streamed church music (less any risqué adverts) to which the congregation were invited, with varying success, to sing along – the sixty minute out-of-doors Lammas service was conducted by Andy Delves and our vicar George Pitcher who made good use of microphones. Sarah had baked Lammas bread, which served several purposes, bread being the focus of both Readings; the ingredients furnished George with his impromptu address and after the blessing a generous slice (cut with a gloved hand) was distributed to each of the car occupants.  The ‘Responses’ were replaced by car horns, active windscreen wipers and flashing headlights.  What nearby residents made of the tumult is not yet known though it did rival the noise made by those bikers who occasionally roar through the village in convoy. The whole event, one might say, was a bit of a hoot, and it was all rounded off by Charlie ‘Parker’ Pitcher on his saxophone.

There was no Isetta or Messerschmitt present, but George did point out that ‘bubbled’ in our cars we were conforming to the ongoing government requirement that we sensibly isolate, though without air conditioning some may have quietly simmered. Whether a service in the great outdoors should become a weekly or annual event has yet to be decided. Any views?