Latin Serenade

A great event for the Friends.

On Sunday afternoon, 26th February, Waldron was treated to a Latin Serenade on guitar and cello by John Mills and Andrew Fuller in All Saints’ Church, in return for them using it as a recording studio. for which its acoustics are considered ideal. The afternoon transported us between Catalonia and Brazil, by way of Valencia, birthplace of Joaquim Rodrigo who lost his sight in childhood and composed Adela, about a beautiful girl dying of a broken heart. Indeed, the afternoon’s music was largely about love, often unrequited, but our own hearts were uplifted, especially when a shaft of sunshine illuminated the guitarist; warmth was welcome, being crucial to the guitarist’s fingers and the instr uments’ strings. Angelic indeed, though the finale (followed by an encore) was a good-natured tribute to life in a bordello.

It was clear from the beautifully presented programme notes that this would be a special session. We heard music by Enrique Granados and many others, including the Catalan Song of the Birds.  Did you know the world’s greatest cellist, Pablo Casals (1876-1973),  had played before Queen Victoria and before President Kennedy ? He used the Song of the Birds as homage to his homeland when in exile, and it was his appeal for world peace.

The ticketed event was generously offered pro bono by Andrew and John as a rehearsal for their recording of a disc, soon to be available. The Friends are grateful to Mary Manser-Everett who coordinated the afternoon, to George Pitcher for the use of All Saints and of course to the two international musicians whose music and friendly banter were much appreciated. Their efforts have raised funds towards the improvement of the facilities at our two beautiful churches. We are indeed blessed.

Tim Williams (Chairman, FoWC)

Latin Serenade rec equipt